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February 27, 2017

TER Closing Top Texas Energy Stocks Feb. 27, 2017

WTI up 0.05 to close at $54.04

Brent down 0.04 to close at $55.98

Natural gas up 0.01 at $2.63



Anadarko (APC) up 0.13 at 64.90

Apache (APA) down 0.48 at 52.93

Chevron (CVX) up 1.63 at 111.75

ConocoPhillips (COP) up 0.32 at 47.36

Devon (DVN)up 0.25 at 43.06

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) down 0.03 at 37.68

EOG Resources (EOG) up 2.08 at 97.91

ExxonMobil (XOM) up 0.46 at 81.54

Halcon (HK) down 0.01 at 8.34

Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) up 0.12 at 15.85

Noble Energy (NBL) down 0.03 at 36.75

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) up 0.58 at 65.47

Parsley Energy (PE) up 1.28 at 30.77

Phillips 66 (PSX) up 0.83 at 78.86

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) up 1.36 at 186.72

Valero (VLO) up 0.52 at 67.24



American Electric Power (AEP) down 0.45 at 66.70

CenterPoint (CNP) down 0.23 at 26.79

Entergy (ETR) down 0.32 to close at 75.48

Exelon Generation (EXC) down 0.51 at 36.57

Next Era Energy (NEE) down 1.09 at 129.87

NRG (NRG) down 0.69 at 16.77

By Mike Shiloh

February 26, 2017

SAEN: Energy Consulting Company Was Part of FBI, IRS Raids

State Senator Carlos Uresti's position on Natural Resources committee coupled with ties to Turning Point consultancy could present conflict of interest questions

A company listing itself as an oil and gas, utilities and alternative energy consulting firm was among the targets of a February 16th raid by FBI and IRS agents on the offices of state Senator Carlos Uresti, the San Antonio Express News reported Saturday.

Uresti was connected with an oil field services company called Four Winds Logistics, which bought and sold sand used in fracking and which is has been accused of investor fraud.

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By Mike Shiloh

February 24, 2017

Texas Gains 8 Rigs in Latest Baker Hughes Count

The number of oil rigs in the US jumped for the 6th straight week, up by five this week but natural gas rigs decreased by two acording to this week's figures from Baker Hughes.

The total number oil rigs is now 602, the gas rig count down to 151, bringing the total number of oil and gas rigs to 754, counting one listed as "mixed."

Details: OIl and gas rigs in Texas increased by eight this week, Alaska and Louisiana lost two rigs each, North Dakota lost one, Wyoming had one new well.


By Mike Shiloh

February 24, 2017

TER Closing Top Texas Energy Stocks Feb. 24, 2017

WTI down 0.43 to close at $54.02

Brent down 0.54 to close at $56.04

Natural gas up 0.01 at $2.64



Anadarko (APC) down 1.21 at 64.77

Apache (APA) up 0.43 at 53.41

Chevron (CVX) down 0.90 at 110.12

ConocoPhillips (COP) down 0.26 at 47.04

Devon (DVN) down 1.18 at 42.81

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) down 0.28 at 37.71

EOG Resources (EOG) down 1.27 at 96.30

ExxonMobil (XOM) down 0.70 at 81.08

Halcon (HK) down 0.28 at 8.35

Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) down 0.25 at 15.73

Noble Energy (NBL) down 0.64 at 36.78

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) down 0.36 at 64.89

Parsley Energy (PE) down 0.51 at 29.49

Phillips 66 (PSX) down 0.58 at 78.03

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) up 0.42 at 185.36

Valero (VLO) down 0.31 at 66.72



American Electric Power (AEP) up 1.14 at 67.15

CenterPoint (CNP) up 0.18 at 27.02

Entergy (ETR) up 0.66 to close at 75.80

Exelon Generation (EXC) up 1.20 at 37.18

Next Era Energy (NEE) up 2.77 at 130.96

NRG (NRG) up 0.42 at 17.46

By Mike Shiloh

February 23, 2017

TER Closing Top Texas Energy Stocks Feb. 23, 2017

WTI up 0.77 to close at $54.36

Brent up 0.64 to close at $56.48

Natural gas up 0.03 at $2.63



Anadarko (APC) up 0.14 at 65.98

Apache (APA) down 1.93 at 52.98

Chevron (CVX) up 0.64 at 111.02

ConocoPhillips (COP) up 0.20 at 47.30

Devon (DVN) up 0.23 at 43.99

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) down 0.04 at 37.99

EOG Resources (EOG) up 0.04 at 97.57

ExxonMobil (XOM) up 0.11 at 81.89

Halcon (HK) down 0.18 at 8.63

Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) up 0.22 at 15.98

Noble Energy (NBL) up 0.75 at 37.42

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) down 0.66 at 65.25

Parsley Energy (PE) down 0.18 at 30.00

Phillips 66 (PSX) up 0.23 at 78.61

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) down 3.19 at 184.94

Valero (VLO) up 1.02 at 67.03



American Electric Power (AEP) up 0.70 at 66.01

CenterPoint (CNP) up 0.27 at 26.84

Entergy (ETR) up 1.43 to close at 75.14

Exelon Generation (EXC) up 0.29 at 35.98

Next Era Energy (NEE) up 0.73 at 129.17

NRG (NRG) up 0.21 at 17.04

By Mike Shiloh

February 23, 2017

RRC Press Release: TX Dec. O&G Production Down Y/Y

Texas Oil and Gas Production Statistics for December 2016
AUSTIN -- Production for December 2016 as reported to the Railroad Commission of Texas (Commission) is 74,254,312 barrels of crude oil and 566,772,368 mcf (thousand cubic feet) of total gas from oil and gas wells. These preliminary figures are based on production volumes reported by operators and will be updated as late and corrected production reports are received. Production reported to the Commission for December 2015, was: 74,575,286 barrels of crude oil preliminarily, updated to a current figure of 88,322,097 barrels; and 625,413,983 mcf of total gas preliminarily, updated to a current figure of 720,113,879 mcf.
The Commission reports that from January 2016 to December 2016, total Texas reported production was 978 million barrels of crude oil and 8.0 trillion cubic feet of total gas. Crude oil production reported by the Commission is limited to oil produced from oil leases and does not include condensate, which is reported separately by the Commission.
Texas preliminary December 2016 crude oil production averaged 2,395,300 barrels daily, compared to the 2,405,654 barrels daily average of December 2015. 
Texas preliminary December 2016 total gas production averaged 18,282,980 mcf a day, compared to the 20,174,645 mcf daily average of December 2015. 
Texas production in December 2016 came from 169,564 oil wells and 92,685 gas wells.
For additional oil and gas production statistics, visit the Commission's website at

By Railroad Commission of Texas

February 23, 2017

Xcel Asking PUC for 1.9% Rate Increase

More than a quarter billion dollars in transmission line upgrades completed in TX and NM

Many Xcel customers would see an increase in their electricity bills if the Public Utility Commission of Texas okays a rate increase request from Xcel Energy.

The company says it spent more than $258 million building and upgrading high-voltage transmission lines and substations during 2016, and its asking for a rate increase resulting in an additional $16 million in annual fees, according to Xcel.

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By Mike Shiloh

February 23, 2017

Enbridge: Merger With Spectra To Be Completed Monday

Canadian pipeline company gets Houston-based assets at $28 billion

Houston's Spectra Energy Partners is preparing for its $28 billion merger with Enbridge, expected to be finalized Monday, thereby creating one of the largest energy infrastructure companies in the world.

Enbridge, the Canadian pipeline company, said Thursday its acquisition of Sprectra has been approved by the US Federal Trade Commission and by the Canadian Competition Bureau, so regulatory approval is complete.

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By Mike Shiloh

February 23, 2017

EIA: Crude Inventories Up 600,000 barrels

Commercial crude inventories are up about 600,000 barrels last week, the US Energy Information Agency said Thursday, with the stockpile now at a record 518.7 million barrels.

But gasoline inventories were down by 2.6 million barrels -- also in the week ending February 17th -- with average gasoline output up 0.4 million barrels per day, to a daily average of 9.4 million barrels.

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By Mike Shiloh

February 22, 2017

California Solar Company Planning Fast Expansion Into Texas

California's Vasari Energy Inc. is moving into the Texas solar market with contracts to develop new projects.

The solar energy developer said Wednesday it intends to have up to 500 MW of utility-scale photovoltaic power to sell to the electric grid by the end of this year.

Vasari expects details on project locations to be released later.

The company is already active in supplying solar power in Arizona and Georgia.

By Mike Shiloh

February 22, 2017

ExxonMobil Reveals Historic Crude Reserves Cut

3.3 billion barrel reserve cut accompanied by 1 billion barrel addition of other reserves

Exxon-Mobil revealed historically-deep cuts in the company's proved petroleum reserves of about 19% after the markets closed Wednesday afternoon.

The Irving-based multinational said it is removing about 3 billion oil-equivalent barrels of crude from its proved reserves; that's the equivalent of $16 billion in Western Canada Kearl oil sands -- which is the majority of the writedown -- along with other investments throughout North America.

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By Mike Shiloh

February 22, 2017

DAPL Protests Shut Down

The last remnants of the camps set up by anti-Dakota Access Pipeline protesters went up in smoke and out in state police cars Wednesday afternoon.

The US Army Corps of Engineers, which controls the North Dakota land, had set a 2 pm deadline called for by Governor Doug Burgum for the camps to be cleared ahead of a large cleanup project to clear the land, not far from where Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners workers continue completion of the pipeline.

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By Mike Shiloh

February 22, 2017

New "State of the Art" Utility Line Locating Tool Touted

Holographic imaging couples with existing government data

A New Jersey company says it's come up with a state of the art utility-line-locating tool for cities and public utility districts.

Meemim Corp., which specializes in data aggregation software, says its new ArcGIS system is the most advanced pipe and cable locating tool available.

Together with the Tom's River Municipal Utilities Authorities of New Jersey, the tool was developed to more quickly find underground pipes, cables and valves by using computer imaging ("holographic visualization") coupled with data already gathered from areas surveyed.

Find out more here.

By Mike Shiloh

February 22, 2017

Landgraf House Bill Promotes Natural Gas Fuel

State use of gas fuel could boost natural gas as an alternative fuel

Texas State Representative Brooks Landgraf calls his new bill a job creator and a business enhancer.

HB 1979, known as the "Texas Fuels Bill," is intended, among other thngs, to use a portion of the money that's already being put aside to promote the reduction of vehicle fuel emissions and use it to increase the number of state vehicles using natural gas for fuel.

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By Mike Shiloh

February 22, 2017

Worth Noting: Crude and NatGas Prices Relatively Firm, Investment Increasing

By Mike Shiloh

February 22, 2017

TER Closing Top Texas Energy Stocks Feb. 22, 2017

WTI down 0.46 to close at $53.87

Brent down 0.47 to close at $56.19

Natural gas up 0.04 at $2.60



Anadarko (APC) down 1.37 at 65.84

Apache (APA) down 0.98 at 54.91

Chevron (CVX) down 1.34 at 110.38

ConocoPhillips (COP) down 1.03 at 47.10

Devon (DVN) down 1.30 at 43.76

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) down 0.76 at 38.03

EOG Resources (EOG) down 1.94 at 97.53

ExxonMobil (XOM) down 0.96 at 80.93

Halcon (HK) down 0.57 at 8.81

Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) down 0.62 at 15.76

Noble Energy (NBL) down 0.87 at 36.67

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) down 1.07 at 65.91

Parsley Energy (PE) down 1.23 at 30.18

Phillips 66 (PSX) down 0.65 at 78.38

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) down 5.53 at 193.66

Valero (VLO) down 0.26 at 66.01



American Electric Power (AEP) up 0.55 at 65.31

CenterPoint (CNP) down 0.04 at 26.57

Entergy (ETR) down 0.20 to close at 73.71

Exelon Generation (EXC) down 0.23 at 35.69

Next Era Energy (NEE) up 0.18 at 128.44

NRG (NRG) down 0.29 at 16.83

By Mike Shiloh

February 21, 2017

TER Closing Top Texas Energy Stocks Feb. 21, 2017

WTI up 0.66 to close at $54.06

Brent up 0.48 to close at $56.66

Natural gas up 0.01 at $2.58



Anadarko (APC) up 0.44 at 67.21

Apache (APA) up 0.45 at 55.89

Chevron (CVX) up 1.39 at 111.72

ConocoPhillips (COP) up 0.62 at 48.13

Devon (DVN) up 0.89 at 45.06

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) up 0.47 at 38.79

EOG Resources (EOG) up 0.44 at 99.47

ExxonMobil (XOM) down 0.02 at .81.87

Halcon (HK) up 0.23 at 9.38

Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) up 0.15 at 16.38

Noble Energy (NBL) up 0.49 at 37.54

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) up 0.71 at 66.98

Parsley Energy (PE) down 0.41 at 31.41

Phillips 66 (PSX) up 0.37 at 79.03

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) up 1.66 at 193.66

Valero (VLO) up 0.78 at 66.27



American Electric Power (AEP) up 0.65 at 64.76

CenterPoint (CNP) up 0.10 at 26.61

Entergy (ETR) up 0.36 to close at 73.91

Exelon Generation (EXC) up 0.34 at 35.92

Next Era Energy (NEE) up 1.40 at 128.26

NRG (NRG) up 0.02 at 17.12

By Mike Shiloh

February 21, 2017

State Oil And Gas Revenue Down, Industry Still Strong

TXOGA says Texas received $9.4 billion for fiscal 2016, down from 2015 but industry income expected to rise 2018-19

Oil and gas contributed $9.4 billion dollars in taxes, fees and royalties to the state of Texas during the 2016 fiscal year which ended August 31st, the Texas Oil and Gas Association said Tuesday morning.

That's down considerably from $13.8 billion in 2015, but still shows how important the industry is to the state economy, TXOGA President Todd Staples said in a teleconference.

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By Mike Shiloh

February 20, 2017

Worth Noting: Crude Oil Net Speculative Positions Hit Another Record

WSJ Daily Shot comment: "This is going to be an epic unwind when it happens."


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By Mike Shiloh

February 17, 2017

TER Closing Top Texas Energy Stocks Feb. 17, 2017

WTI up 0.01 to close at $53.37

Brent up 0.06 to close at $55.71

Natural gas down 0.01 at $2.84



Anadarko (APC) up 0.17 at 66.77

Apache (APA) up 0.19 at 55.44

Chevron (CVX) down 0.35 at 110.33

ConocoPhillips (COP) down 0.83 at 47.51

Devon (DVN) up 0.06 at 44.17

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) down 0.06 at 38.32

EOG Resources (EOG) down 1.14 at 99.03

ExxonMobil (XOM) down 0.54 at .81.76

Halcon (HK) up 0.12 at 9.15

Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) up 0.06 at 16.23

Noble Energy (NBL) down 0.16 at 37.05

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) down 0.17 at 66.27

Parsley Energy (PE) down 0.04 at 31.82

Phillips 66 (PSX) up 0.16 at 78.66

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) down 1.21 at 192.00

Valero (VLO) down 1.11 at 65.49



American Electric Power (AEP) up 0.41 at 64.11

CenterPoint (CNP) up 0.14 at 26.51

Entergy (ETR) up 0.78 to close at 73.55

Exelon Generation (EXC) up 0.16 at 35.58

Next Era Energy (NEE) up 0.67 at 126.86

NRG (NRG) down 0.01 at 17.10

By Mike Shiloh

February 16, 2017

Press Release: Lipscomb County in line for electric upgrades

Xcel Energy is investing $1.8 million in substation and line improvements in Lipscomb County, Texas, that will provide more options for restoring power during outages caused by damage on the county's main electric feeder line. 

Xcel Energy serves more than 1,000 customers in Darrouzett, Follett, Lipscomb and Higgins by way of a 73-mile long distribution line that takes its power from a substation at Booker, 12 miles west of Darrouzett on State Highway 15.

In recent years, the line has experienced reliability issues that mostly stem from weather impacts or vehicle accidents occurring between Booker and Darrouzett.

Because the Booker connection is the only power source for this line, the outages affect service in multiple communities all the way to Higgins, almost 45 line miles away. 

Xcel Energy seeks to alleviate this exposure with an alternative power source farther down the line made possible by tapping a transmission line owned by North Plains Electric Co-op near the existing Shattuck Substation, 7.5 miles south of Follett on FM 1454.

A new Xcel Energy substation called Skunk Creek would enable Xcel Energy to switch and move power from the co-op's transmission line onto the distribution line that serves the four Lipscomb County communities in the event of damage farther up the main distribution feed.

Additionally, Xcel Energy is investing in more switching points on the main feeder line that would better allow the company to isolate line faults along the entire length of the line and reroute power around them in order to restore service more quickly.

"Lipscomb County is a remote and beautiful part of the state, and it's also remote from the rest of our regional power grid, so we have to be creative in how we boost the reliability in that area," said David Hudson, president of Xcel Energy Texas.

"By adding another emergency power source along that main distribution feeder and modernizing the existing line, we can react to weather-related outages much more quickly and with more options to get the power flowing to most of the affected customers until the damage is repaired."

Winter Storm Jupiter devastated the power grid in Lipscomb and surrounding counties in Texas and Oklahoma on Jan. 15 when heavy fog and rain froze on power lines.

The extra weight caused poles and cross arms to break, and the main feeder line connecting the four Lipscomb County communities was heavily damaged along its entire length.

Entire communities were in the dark for as many as five days until the line could be rebuilt. While it's difficult to prevent power outages during rare events such as an ice storm, the planned line upgrades could shorten the amount of time customers would be without power by allowing Xcel Energy to target repairs to key areas rather than starting at one end of the 73-mile line and working toward the end.

"We can't stop severe weather, but we can invest in improvements to fortify our lines and reduce the impact of bad weather," Hudson said.

Company officials expect the Skunk Creek project to be completed by first quarter 2018.

By Xcel Energy

February 16, 2017

Enbridge, Marathon Close On ETP's Dakota Access Pipeline $2 billion sale

Texas' ETP and Phillips 66 retain major interests in pipeline as North Dakota governor orders remaining protesters to vacate next week, citing "ecological disaster"

Calgary-based Enbridge Energy Partners has joined Ohio-based Marathon Petroleum in staking out portions of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is being completed by Energy Transfer Partners.

Enbrudge now has a 27.6% interest in the pipeline, while Marathon takes a 9.2% interest.

Houston's Phillips 66 retains a 25% portion of ownership, while ETP retains 38.25%.

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By Mike Shiloh

February 16, 2017

Fracking Sands Company at Center of Raid on State Senator's San Antonio Office

Carlos Uresti issues statement pledging full cooperation with "broad" fraud probe

Statement from Texas state Senator Carlos Uresti regarding a Thursday morning FBI and IRS raid on his San Antonio office:

"Today, FBI agents are in my office, reviewing our documents as part of their broad investigation of the Four Winds matter.

"I have instructed my staff to fully cooperate with the federal investigators. I will help them in whatever way I can.    

"I am now in the Capitol conducting the people's business, working hard to achieve a good budget for the people of Texasthrough my continued service on the Senate Finance Committee, and to find solutions for the foster children of Texas, as the Vice-Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee

"Likewise, I continue to work diligently to solce problems on the Veterans Affairs and Border Security Committees.

"As always, I remain committed to serve my constituents."

The story:

The San Antonio law offices of state Senator Carlos Uresti were raided by agents of the FBI and IRS Thursday morning, The Texas Energy Report has confirmed.

Documents were confiscated, but no arrests have been made so far.

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By Mike Shiloh

February 16, 2017

Texas REALTORS® join coalition to reform eminent domain practices

AUSTIN—The Texas Association of REALTORS® officially announced it has joined the Texans for Property Rights Coalition to advocate for eminent domain reform during the 85th Texas Legislature.

“Texans continue to struggle with an unbalanced set of eminent domain laws at odds with a state known for private-property rights,” TAR Chairman Vicki Fullerton said.

“We believe significant improvements can be made to enhance protections on private-property rights for Texans.”

TAR adds the strength of more than 110,000 Texas REALTORS® to this broad-based coalition of grassroots organizations.

“In Texas, property ownership is the bedrock on which our heritage is built, and we are pleased that the Texas Association of REALTORS® has once again joined the fight to uphold private-property rights,” said Texans for Property Rights spokeswoman Marissa Patton.

“The unequitable process by which property is taken from rural and urban homeowners and landowners alike must be brought into balance.

Texans for Property Rights looks forward to working toward a fair and balanced eminent domain process,” Patton said.

Eminent domain reforms are one of TAR’s priorities for the 85th Texas Legislature, but TAR has actively supported eminent domain reform for years.

In 2011, TAR applauded Gov. Rick Perry for signing into law a bill that tightened restrictions on the ability of state and local governments to invoke eminent domain authority to convert private property for public use.

In 2009, Texas REALTORS® spearheaded important eminent domain reform, including passage of Proposition 11, which voters approved with 81% of the vote.

And in 2005, Texas REALTORS® supported SB 7, which prohibited entities with the authority to use eminent domain from condemning private property for economic purposes.

“Private-property rights are sacred to Texans, yet they are threatened whenever the government uses eminent domain.

We believe property owners should be treated fairly and protected from abusive eminent domain practices,” Fullerton said.

About the Texas Association of REALTORS®: With more than 110,000 members, the Texas Association of REALTORS® is a professional membership organization that represents all aspects of real estate in Texas.

We advocate on behalf of Texas REALTORS® and private-property owners to keep homeownership affordable, protect private-property rights, and promote public policies that benefit homeowners.

Visit to learn more.

By Texas Association of Realtors

February 16, 2017

TER Closing Top Texas Energy Stocks Feb. 16, 2017

WTI up 0.35 to close at $53.46

Brent up 0.02 to close at $55.77

Natural gas down 0.09 at $2.83



Anadarko (APC) down 0.92 at 66.60

Apache (APA) down 0.34 at 55.25

Chevron (CVX) down 1.89 at 110.68

ConocoPhillips (COP) down 1.02 at 48.34

Devon (DVN) down 0.12 at 44.11

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) down 0.53 at 38.38

EOG Resources (EOG) down 0.58 at 100.17

ExxonMobil (XOM) down 0.86 at .82.30

Halcon (HK) down 0.47 at 9.03

Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) down 0.13 at 16.17

Noble Energy (NBL) down 0.26 at 37.21

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) down 0.77 at 66.44

Parsley Energy (PE) down 0.68 at 31.86

Phillips 66 (PSX) down 0.95 at 78.50

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) down 4.51 at 193.21

Valero (VLO) down 1.16 at 66.60



American Electric Power (AEP) up 0.41 at 63.70

CenterPoint (CNP) up 0.30 at 26.37

Entergy (ETR) up 2.00 to close at 72.77

Exelon Generation (EXC) up 0.20 at 35.42

Next Era Energy (NEE) up 0.90 at 126.19

NRG (NRG) down 0.38 at 17.11

By Mike Shiloh

February 16, 2017

Oil and Gas Enforcement Data Added to RRC Website

In press release, RRC says for increased transparency, violations, severance/seal orders and inspections with no violations will be added quarterly

Railroad Commission Enhances Oil & Gas Enforcement Data
Updates Definition of Major Violation 
AUSTIN - As part of its ongoing mission to increase transparency, the Railroad Commission of Texas is adding quarterly oil and gas enforcement data to the agency's website. The additions are part of the RRC's continued commitment to informing Texans about the agency's actions to protect public safety and the environment.
Beginning with the first quarter Fiscal Year 2017 report, new enforcement information posted includes:
  • Number of oil and gas facility inspections with no violation
  • Number of statewide oil and gas rule violations
  • Number of major statewide oil and gas rule violations
  • Number of district-initiated severance/seal orders
In addition to enhancing transparency by creating new reporting categories for quarterly enforcement reporting, the Commission is updating its definition of major oil and gas violations. Major violation now is defined as a safety or pollution-related violation that causes a significant impact to public safety or the environment, is accompanied by conditions that indicate a significant impact to public safety or the environment is imminent, or is the result of deliberate disregard of Commission rules and regulations related to public safety or environmental protection. Also, major violations are now reported at the time of discovery in the field rather than at the time of referral for penalty action, as recommended by the Sunset Commission. This updated definition helps the Commission more comprehensively, timely and uniformly categorize violations as major and will make these violations easier to track. 
The Commission's Oil and Gas Field Operations and Enforcement Data can be found here.

By Railroad Commission of Texas

February 15, 2017

TER Closing Top Texas Energy Stocks Feb. 15, 2017

WTI down 0.09 to close at $53.02

Brent down 0.22 to close at $55.75

Natural gas up 0.01 at $2.94



Anadarko (APC) down 0.81 at 67.52

Apache (APA) up 0.09 at 55.59

Chevron (CVX) up 0.31 at 112.57

ConocoPhillips (COP) down 0.78 at 49.36

Devon (DVN) up 0.47 at 44.70

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) down 0.62 at 38.91

EOG Resources (EOG) down 0.48 at 100.75

ExxonMobil (XOM) up 0.34 at .83.16

Halcon (HK) up 0.02 at 9.50

Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) up 0.15 at 16.30

Noble Energy (NBL) down 0.18 at 37.47

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) up 0.05 at 67.21

Parsley Energy (PE) up 0.09 at 32.54

Phillips 66 (PSX) up 0.10 at 80.08

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) down 1.18 at 197.72

Valero (VLO) up 0.14 at 67.76



American Electric Power (AEP) up 0.02 at 63.29

CenterPoint (CNP) up 0.02 at 26.07

Entergy (ETR) down 0.02 to close at 70.77

Exelon Generation (EXC) down 0.14 at 35.22

Next Era Energy (NEE) down 0.71 at 125.29

NRG (NRG) up 0.70 at 17.49

By Mike Shiloh

February 14, 2017

Mitsubishi Bullish on TX, especially Oil & Gas

Opens new Houston offices, plants

Already into the nuclear power plant business worldwide, Japan's Mitsubishi is increasing its venture into the oil and gas business and now says it's targeting Texas.

Having opened new offices in Houston last spring, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America now says it's marketing its technologies to oil and gas companies and is planning to hire new talent.

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By Mike Shiloh

February 14, 2017

API: Crude, Gasoline Supples Up

Gasoline, distillate supplies also up

An increase of 9.9 million barrels of US crude on hand last week is larger than analysts expected, as the American Petroleum Institute released its latest figures Tuesday afternoon.

An S&P Global Platts poll of analysts called for a mere 3 million barrel increase in crude stocks,

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By Mike Shiloh

February 14, 2017

Marathon to Expand Ozark Pipeline Buy

$220 million deal to close end of first quarter

Marathon says it plans to expand a Midwest pipeline it's buying from Enbrdge for $220 million.

Marathon's Ohio-based pipeline affiliate MPLX Piple Line Holdings LLC says the 433-mile Ozark Pipeline -- also referred to as Line 51 -- originates at a Cushing, Oklahoma storage facility and extends to Wood River, Illinois.

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By Mike Shiloh

February 14, 2017

TER Closing Top Texas Energy Stocks Feb. 14, 2017

WTI up 0.10 to close at $53.03

Brent up 0.20 to close at $55.79

Natural gas down 0.01 at $2.93



Anadarko (APC) up 0.19 at 68.33

Apache (APA) down 1.68 at 55.50

Chevron (CVX) down 0.31 at 112.52

ConocoPhillips (COP) up 0.44 at 50.14

Devon (DVN) up 0.68 at 45.94

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) 1.12 at 39.53

EOG Resources (EOG) up 0.88 at 101.23

ExxonMobil (XOM) down 0.18 at 82.82

Halcon (HK) up 0.02 at 9.48

Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) up 0.35 at 16.41

Noble Energy (NBL) down 0.81 at 37.65

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) down 0.23 at 67.16

Parsley Energy (PE) up 0.37 at 32.45

Phillips 66 (PSX) up 0.08 at 79.98

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) up 1.86 at 198.90

Valero (VLO) up 0.58 at 67.62



American Electric Power (AEP) down 0.52 at 63.27

CenterPoint (CNP) down 0.35 at 26.05

Entergy (ETR) down 1.17 to close at 70.79

Exelon Generation (EXC) up 0.26 at 35.36

Next Era Energy (NEE) unchanged at 126.00

NRG (NRG) up 0.04 at 16.79

By Mike Shiloh

February 13, 2017

Houston Chronicle: Former ERCOT lawyer joins Haynes and Boone energy practice

Ex-PUC lawyer Littlefield continues specialty in power, regulatory deals

A  senior lawyer at the Electric Reliability Council of Texas has left the non-profit that manages the electric grid in Texas and joined the law firm Haynes and Boone.

Jennifer Littlefield will work out of the Austin office of Haynes and Boone. Littlefield is part of the firm’s energy, power and natural resources practice. More

By Mike Shiloh

February 13, 2017

Chron: Smitherman Joins NRG Board

Former Railroad commissioner and PUC chair part of shakeup

The chairman of NRG Energy’s board, Howard Cosgrove, has retired after pressure from shareholders to gain spots on the Houston-based company’s board.

Cosgrove has been replaced by Lawrence Coben, the company’s director, and two spots on the board have gone to C. John Wilder, the head of Dallas-based Bluescape Energy Partners, and Barry Smitherman, a former chair of the Public Utility Commission of Texas and a former Railroad commissioner. Smitherman is being considered as the new chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. More

By Mike Shiloh

February 13, 2017

TER Closing Top Texas Energy Stocks Feb. 13, 2017

WTI up 0.03 to close at $52.96

Brent down 1.11 to close at $55.59

Natural gas down 0.02 at $2.93



Anadarko (APC) down 1.20 at 68.14

Apache (APA) down 0.20 at 57.18

Chevron (CVX) up 0.86 at 113.91

ConocoPhillips (COP) down 0.44 at 49.70

Devon (DVN) down 0.15 at 45.26

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) up 0.33 at 38.41

EOG Resources (EOG) down 1.09 at 100.35

ExxonMobil (XOM) up 0.48 at 83.00

Halcon (HK) up 0.14 at 9.46

Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) down 0.14 at 16.06

Noble Energy (NBL) down 0.48 at 38.46

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) down 1.08 at 67.39

Parsley Energy (PE) down 0.23 at 32.08

Phillips 66 (PSX) up 0.61 at 79.86

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) up 2.58 at 197.04

Valero (VLO) down 0.15 at 67.47



American Electric Power (AEP) down 0.16 at 63.79

CenterPoint (CNP) up 0.18 at 26.67

Entergy (ETR) up 0.33 to close at 71.96

Exelon Generation (EXC) up 0.41 at 35.10

Next Era Energy (NEE) up 0.53 at 126.00

NRG (NRG) up 0.09 at 16.75

By Mike Shiloh

February 13, 2017

Reuters: Judge denies tribes' request to block final link in Dakota pipeline

A U.S. federal judge denied a request by Native American tribes seeking a halt to construction of the final link in the Dakota Access Pipeline on Monday, the controversial project that has sparked months of protests from tribal activists seeking to halt the 1,170-mile line.

Judge James Boasberg of the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., at a hearing, rejected the request from the Standing Rock Sioux and Cheyenne River Sioux tribes, who had argued that the project will prevent them from practicing religious ceremonies at a lake they say is surrounded by sacred ground.

With this decision, the legal options for the tribes continue to narrow, as construction on the final uncompleted stretch is currently proceeding. More

By Reuters

February 13, 2017

Press Release: Flowtex Energy Completes Acquisition of Positive-Yield East Texas Oil Fields

Flowtex Energy, a leading Oil & Gas exploration company headquartered in Austin, Texas, announced today it has completed its latest acquisition – a large field with significant, already-producing acreage and leases in East Texas.

The acquisition adds to the resource portfolio of Flowtex.

These additional fields complement Flowtex's strategy of growth through both acquisition and development.

The acquisition of fields which are already producing allows Flowtex an efficient means of increasing output and decreasing the time-to-market which has posed challenges to so many Oil & Gas companies.

On location in East Texas, Flowtex's president, Beau Flowers, stated, "This acquisition demonstrates the Flowtex strategy perfectly.

"We're able to acquire productive fields like these, leveraging the prior research and development, and increasing our available output because so many companies were over-extended, forced to walk away from what they started, leaving a lot of oil in the ground.

"We acquire these undervalued assets and bring our expertise to operate the leases efficiently, while dramatically reducing the risk.

"Success in the Oil Business is about efficiency, in this case we already know there's a lot of oil so we just need to go produce it as efficiently as possible." 

Flowtex's rapid growth can also be attributed to market conditions.

Flowtex was formed after the oil prices tumbled in 2014 which led to so many distressed assets becoming available.

Flowtex assembled an experienced, highly-skilled technical team to identify the best acquisition targets.

By Flowtex Energy

February 13, 2017

Bill To Limit RRC Contribution Window

HB 464 aimed at reducing industry influence on Railroad Commission

As the Texas House of Representatives takes up an ethics reform package passed by the Senate last week, another reform bill is up for consideration by the legislature that would greatly restrict the time that members of the Railroad Commission could accept political contributions.

State Representative Rafael Anchia's House Bill 464 is aimed at restricting contributions to commissioners to a window between 17 months before and 30 days after their respective elections.

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By Mike Shiloh

February 13, 2017

Plains All American and Noble in Permian pipeline teamup

$133 million dollar deal part of planned JV

A 70-mile 16-inch crude pipeline in the southern Delaware basin of Texas is the target of a new joint venture between Noble Midstream Partners LP and Plains All American Pipeline LP, announced Monday.

It''s the Advantage Pipeline, built in 2013 to deliver 150,000 barrels a day from Reeves County to Crane County.

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By Mike Shiloh