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February 27, 2017

TER Closing Top Texas Energy Stocks Feb. 27, 2017

WTI up 0.05 to close at $54.04

Brent down 0.04 to close at $55.98

Natural gas up 0.01 at $2.63



Anadarko (APC) up 0.13 at 64.90

Apache (APA) down 0.48 at 52.93

Chevron (CVX) up 1.63 at 111.75

ConocoPhillips (COP) up 0.32 at 47.36

Devon (DVN)up 0.25 at 43.06

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) down 0.03 at 37.68

EOG Resources (EOG) up 2.08 at 97.91

ExxonMobil (XOM) up 0.46 at 81.54

Halcon (HK) down 0.01 at 8.34

Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) up 0.12 at 15.85

Noble Energy (NBL) down 0.03 at 36.75

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) up 0.58 at 65.47

Parsley Energy (PE) up 1.28 at 30.77

Phillips 66 (PSX) up 0.83 at 78.86

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) up 1.36 at 186.72

Valero (VLO) up 0.52 at 67.24



American Electric Power (AEP) down 0.45 at 66.70

CenterPoint (CNP) down 0.23 at 26.79

Entergy (ETR) down 0.32 to close at 75.48

Exelon Generation (EXC) down 0.51 at 36.57

Next Era Energy (NEE) down 1.09 at 129.87

NRG (NRG) down 0.69 at 16.77

By Mike Shiloh

February 26, 2017

SAEN: Energy Consulting Company Was Part of FBI, IRS Raids

State Senator Carlos Uresti's position on Natural Resources committee coupled with ties to Turning Point consultancy could present conflict of interest questions

A company listing itself as an oil and gas, utilities and alternative energy consulting firm was among the targets of a February 16th raid by FBI and IRS agents on the offices of state Senator Carlos Uresti, the San Antonio Express News reported Saturday.

Uresti was connected with an oil field services company called Four Winds Logistics, which bought and sold sand used in fracking and which is has been accused of investor fraud.

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By Mike Shiloh

February 24, 2017

Texas Gains 8 Rigs in Latest Baker Hughes Count

The number of oil rigs in the US jumped for the 6th straight week, up by five this week but natural gas rigs decreased by two acording to this week's figures from Baker Hughes.

The total number oil rigs is now 602, the gas rig count down to 151, bringing the total number of oil and gas rigs to 754, counting one listed as "mixed."

Details: OIl and gas rigs in Texas increased by eight this week, Alaska and Louisiana lost two rigs each, North Dakota lost one, Wyoming had one new well.


By Mike Shiloh

February 24, 2017

TER Closing Top Texas Energy Stocks Feb. 24, 2017

WTI down 0.43 to close at $54.02

Brent down 0.54 to close at $56.04

Natural gas up 0.01 at $2.64



Anadarko (APC) down 1.21 at 64.77

Apache (APA) up 0.43 at 53.41

Chevron (CVX) down 0.90 at 110.12

ConocoPhillips (COP) down 0.26 at 47.04

Devon (DVN) down 1.18 at 42.81

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) down 0.28 at 37.71

EOG Resources (EOG) down 1.27 at 96.30

ExxonMobil (XOM) down 0.70 at 81.08

Halcon (HK) down 0.28 at 8.35

Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) down 0.25 at 15.73

Noble Energy (NBL) down 0.64 at 36.78

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) down 0.36 at 64.89

Parsley Energy (PE) down 0.51 at 29.49

Phillips 66 (PSX) down 0.58 at 78.03

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) up 0.42 at 185.36

Valero (VLO) down 0.31 at 66.72



American Electric Power (AEP) up 1.14 at 67.15

CenterPoint (CNP) up 0.18 at 27.02

Entergy (ETR) up 0.66 to close at 75.80

Exelon Generation (EXC) up 1.20 at 37.18

Next Era Energy (NEE) up 2.77 at 130.96

NRG (NRG) up 0.42 at 17.46

By Mike Shiloh